About WornJacket

Everyone has a favorite Jacket.

Always Authentic, Always Compelling.

Let's face it. Experience counts. When you trust your business with WornJacket, we know how to get the job done, on time and on budget. We make websites that fit your business, do what you need them to do, and grab your audience’s attention - without the BS you’ll find at larger agencies.

Creative and Technical that you can rely on.

For over 20 years we have partnered with large and small emerging and established brands. We help you find your voice, tell the truth- by providing identity, branding, and well- designed, technical websites that are authentic and compelling. We listen and are on your side the through the whole process. We will even teach you how to avoid many of the pitfalls businesses often find themselves in when working with agencies.
Brandon Richards - Chief Creative at WornJacket - freelance web designer and developer

Brandon Richards

Chief Creative
Brandon is a native of East Tennessee and strongly believes in progressive enhancement for life and web- consistently working to improve on all levels and working harder for things he believes in. An avid outdoors lover and trailrunner, Brandon lives by the code; "leave things better than you found it."

"You are not what you could be and you know it."
Jordan B. Peterson

Nobody knows your business like you do,
we’ll listen and be on your side.

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