The Brand Experience

The brand experience isn't just the first encounter but its the take-away also; the residue that your customers leave with and how they perceive the experience they've just had with your brand. If you're struggling or don't know what your brand's experience is, here's some help!

Why you need a CMS Content Management System

“Why do I need a Content Management System?”  is a question I’m often asked by clients. Before I answer, let’s first define what a Content Management System is.

A Content Management System (CMS) is a web application that offers greater functionality than a normal flat file, or a traditional website. They often use dynamic programming languages such as PHP along with your content that is stored within a database. Some CMS allow multiple users to manage content and workflow, e-commerce transactions, image manipulation, without having to know the technical aspects of building a website.

So why do you need a CMS?

5 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Next Web Project

One thing I see often in my field is a person who works in the IT field taking advantage of another less-technical person's ignorance in technology, so I want to share with you five things to consider when starting your next web project that will help protect you and clear up some of the most common pitfalls when working with a web developer.